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    Post  Guest on Tue Aug 24, 2010 11:28 am

    Nation - Gort1
    Ruler - Gort1

    Infra - 6,000
    tech - 1450

    Income - 7,900,000.00
    Bills - 3,758,640.00

    Cash on Hand = $48,000,000.00 peace mode + shortly

    Banks: 5,
    Churches: 5,
    Clinics: 5,
    Drydocks: 1,
    Factories: 5,
    Foreign Ministries: 1,
    Harbors: 1,
    Hospitals: 1,
    Intelligence Agencies: 5,
    Labor Camps: 5,
    Missile Defenses: 5,
    Naval Academies: 1,
    Police Headquarters: 5,
    Satellites: 3,
    Schools: 5,
    Shipyards: 5,
    Stadiums: 5,
    Universities: 2

    National Wonders:
    Central Intelligence Agency,
    Disaster Relief Agency,
    Federal Aid Commission,
    Foreign Air Force Base,
    Great Monument,
    Great Temple,
    Great University,
    Hidden Nuclear Missile Silo,
    Interstate System,
    Manhattan Project,
    Movie Industry,
    National Research Lab,
    National War Memorial,
    Pentagon, Social Security System,
    Space Program,
    Stock Market,
    Strategic Defense Initiative

    4K Tech


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    Post  doobadder on Tue Aug 24, 2010 5:08 pm

    jump outta peace as soon as you can!lol

    check using border walls for increased colletions

    wonders are in good order keep going

    consider dropping the navy down some

    nice to see your aid screen full, keep tech deals running.

    build that warchest to 250m before you continue on your infra trek

    and consider govt swaps during back collects/coillection days

    thanks for your nation audit Smile

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